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Tips For Storing Flatbread

by Vivan Gonzalez

Flatbread can serve a number of functions with a meal, and it is available in a number of delicious flavors. However, individuals often make mistakes when storing flatbread that may drastically reduce its shelf life. For those that are finding it difficult to keep their flatbread fresh more than a couple of days, there are simple tips that may greatly extend the length of time that you can store your flatbread.

Keep The Flatbread In An Airtight Wrapper Or Container

One of the more effective ways of extending the life of flatbread is to ensure it is always kept in an airtight container. These containers will help to limit the mold spores that can get on the bread. Also, this will help to deprive bacteria of the oxygen or carbon dioxide that is needed to grow. Ideally, you should place the bread in a sealable plastic bag and thoroughly force any excess air out of the container before sealing it. Additionally, you may want to wrap the exterior of the plastic bag in aluminum foil, as this can reduce the ability of air to seep into the container through any small holes that may be present.  

Consider Freezing The Flatbread

Freezing your flatbread can be the most effective way of extending the storage time for this bread. When storing the flatbread, you should make sure that you are keeping it away from the vent that pumps cold air into the freezer, as this will help to minimize any freezer burn that may occur. Also, you should make sure that the flatbread is perfectly flat in the freezer, otherwise it can break or warp, which will make it more difficult to use in the future. When reheating the flatbread, you may want to add a few drops of water to each piece halfway through the heating process, as this will replace much of the moisture that was lost during the freezing and thawing process.

If You Do Not Freeze It, Store The Flatbread In A Dark And Cool Location

When you are only needing to store the flatbread for a couple of days, you will need to make sure that it is kept in a dark location. Sunlight can foster the growth of bacteria, which will rapidly degrade the quality of the bread. To this end, you should consider keeping the bread in a cabinet until you need it. However, you should avoid using cabinets that are near the stove or dishwasher, as the heat from these appliances can also contribute to the growth of mold and bacteria.