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Creative And Fun Birthday Cake Ideas

by Vivan Gonzalez

If you are having a birthday party for your child, then you want to make sure you get them a cake that they are going to love. Even better, you should try to go with a cake that is going to make a bit hit with everyone at the party. While most people are used to going to birthday parties where there are tasty cakes, you may want to present one that is also a work of art in its own right. Here are some fun ideas you may want to think about going with when you are trying to decide on the right birthday cake for your child's birthday party.

Go with a 3D theme cake

You can have the bakery create a fantastic 3D theme cake for your child. The cake should have a theme to it that your child likes and possibly even one that goes with the rest of the party, as far as the decorations and everything else. One example of a fantastic 3D theme cake would be one with a couple of tall buildings with Spider-Man making his way from the roof of one to the roof of the other. Another idea would be a cake with a jungle setting with tall trees and a bunch of different animals on the cake, displayed in many different ways.

Get a cake with a fun center

Another thing that you could ask for the bakery to do is to make a birthday cake that has a surprise center that will add extra fun to the cake. They can put candies, such as Skittles or M&Ms, inside of the cake. This way, when you go to cut the cake, the candies will spill out and offer everyone an extra special sweet treat to enjoy with the cake. Or the surprise middle can be an array of colors. This way, when the cake is cut everyone will get to enjoy a rainbow or a tie-dye look.

Get a cake with moving parts

You can ask the bakery to really go all out with the birthday cake and make it so that it has some moving parts. It can have a main character on the top of it who slowly spins around or some other types of moving parts that will help to make the cake amazing.

Be sure no matter what kind of cake you go with, you take a lot of pictures to help remember that fantastic cake! Contact a bakery like Champion Bakery Inc. to learn what kinds of great treats you can enjoy.